The Ultimate South-East QLD Wedding Guide!

Having been a part of 100’s of weddings in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Byron Bay and beyond… I’ve learnt countless tips and tricks as well as found the best venues and vendors to work with! 

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Congratulations on deciding to get married! I know wedding planning can be confusing and sometimes frustrating so I’ve put together this guide to help you on your journey!

Even if you’re working with a wedding planner or you’re planning a simple wedding, there are likely still a lot of moving pieces left leading up to your big day.

Having filmed more than 100 weddings over the past few years, we tend to get asked the same things over and over again. So we thought it would be beneficial if we put together a guide that walks you through everything from timelines to vendors and everything in between!

Don’t hesitate to let us know if we can offer any additional guidance throughout the wedding planning process!

– Richard

Choosing The Best Vendors!

The choice of vendors for your wedding is a critical one, significantly affecting the overall experience. Every vendor adds a distinct flair to your event, influencing the ambiance and guaranteeing that each aspect is in perfect harmony with your dream. It’s not just about what they offer; their personal dedication and enthusiasm are also key.

The way they engage with your wedding, their effort to grasp what you envision, and the character of their brand can lift your event to new heights. As you navigate through the planning process, make sure to connect with those whose style, principles, and goals align with yours.

Jess and Braydan 23

1. Find The Perfect Wedding Venue

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2. Wedding Venue Considerations

2.1 Crafting the Ambiance for Your Momentous Occasion Selecting the right venue for your wedding is about more than just visual appeal; it involves finding a place that embodies the essence of your dream day. This could mean being surrounded by mesmerizing natural landscapes or the allure of distinctive architecture. By focusing on the venue’s location and setting, you can begin to refine your choices.

2.2 Guest Capacity and Event Flow The importance of a venue’s capacity and its logistical setup cannot be overstated. These elements ensure the event runs smoothly and that your venue fits your guests comfortably, fostering a warm and engaging environment for all. Consider whether you prefer a multi-location event, a seated dinner, or a cocktail reception to guide your selection.

2.3 Deciding Between Outdoor and Indoor Settings In choosing between an outdoor and an indoor venue, critical considerations include weather adaptability, the ambiance, and the kind of experience each option presents. Outdoors, you’ll find stunning natural vistas and a breezy atmosphere, whereas indoors offers stability in climate and a controlled setting. Think about your wedding vision, weather conditions, and the atmosphere you wish to create to make an informed decision.

2.4 Budgetary Considerations Budget is paramount in venue selection, requiring a balance between your financial limits and the venue’s cost, including additional charges for catering, decoration, and unforeseen expenses. It’s vital to identify your priorities and seek venues that provide the best value, ensuring your day is both splendid and financially manageable. Higher-priced venues might offer more inclusive services.

2.5 Essential Questions for Venue Providers To ensure clarity and avoid stress, ask potential venues detailed questions, such as:

  • Availability and Capacity: Is my date available? What’s the guest capacity? Are there limits on the number of guests?
  • Cost and Payment: What’s the full rental price? Any hidden costs or extra fees? What’s the payment timeline?
  • Logistics: How does setup and cleanup work? Is there an on-site coordinator? Any vendor restrictions or recommendations?
  • Amenities and Services: What’s included in the fee? Is there on-site catering or can I use my own? Are essentials like tables and chairs provided?
  • Weather Plans (for outdoor venues): What’s the plan for bad weather? Are there extra charges for last-minute changes?
  • Venue Policies: Any rules or policies to note? What’s the cancellation policy? Are there noise or time restrictions?
  • Accessibility: Is the venue accessible? What are the parking options?
  • Decor and Setup: Any decor restrictions? Can I preview the venue for planning?
  • Vendor Coordination: How should vendors load in and out? Where can they set up?
  • Insurance and Liability: Is liability insurance required? What happens in case of damages?

2.6 Best Practices and Pitfalls Do: Visit various venues, consider all logistics, secure your date, inquire about limitations, prepare for weather issues, clarify what’s included, and understand cancellation terms. Don’t: Overlook guest comfort, rush your decision, forget about event timings, underestimate the weather, or make assumptions about what’s included.

3. Venue Recommendations

Hinterland Vibe

Austinvilla Estate

Maleny Manor

Maleny Manor

earth house wedding venue

Earth House

Spicers Clovelly Estate​ 2

Spicers Clovelly Estate

The chapel at summergrove

Summer Grove Estate

Rosewood Estate

Rosewood Estate

Country Property Vibes


yandina station

Yandina Station

Have Your Wedding On A Private Property!

Having your wedding on a private family property in a rural area can significantly enhance the intimacy and warmth of your special day. This approach offers a unique blend of personalization, comfort, and natural beauty that is difficult to find in more conventional settings. The familiarity of a family-owned space adds a deeply personal touch to the ceremony and celebration, inviting a sense of history and continuity into the proceedings. The natural backdrop of rural landscapes, be it sprawling fields, dense woodlands, or tranquil waters, provides a breathtaking setting for both the exchange of vows and the capturing of timeless photographs. Moreover, the exclusivity and privacy of hosting your wedding on family land foster a truly intimate atmosphere, ensuring that your celebration is shared only with those closest to you. This setting also allows for greater flexibility in terms of scheduling and celebrations, free from the usual restrictions of public venues, making the event feel even more relaxed and friendly. The personal connection to the location adds an irreplaceable layer of significance to the day, making it not just a wedding, but a cherished family gathering.

Waterfront Venues


commonstudios mattandannie 90

Ricky's Noosa

Beach Venues

Osteria Weddings

Burleigh Heads Surf Club

Bespoke Vibe

The Valley Estate

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Gabbinbar Homestead

City Vibe

Hillstone St Lucia

Brisbane Botanical Gardens

Factory 51

the warehouse fortitude valley 221201013540

The Warehouse

Styling Your Wedding

3.1 Crafting Your Wedding Style:

Crafting your wedding style is about exploring and clearly expressing the distinct visual and thematic elements that align with your vision for the special day. This process assists your stylist in comprehending the desired style, colors, and ambiance you aim to achieve.

3.2 The Function of a Wedding Stylist:

A wedding stylist acts as your creative ally, dedicated to actualizing your dream. They meticulously select and harmonize all the visual aspects, from decorations to flower arrangements, to ensure a unified and breathtaking presentation that mirrors your wedding style.

3.3 Working Together with Your Stylist:

Effective teamwork with your stylist is crucial for the perfect wedding setup. Keeping an open line of communication, exchanging ideas, and welcoming their expert advice will foster a synergistic relationship. This allows your stylist to effectively bring your vision to fruition.

3.4 Avoiding Typical Styling Errors:

It’s vital to sidestep common styling errors to achieve an elegant and appealing wedding look. Mistakes often made include overly complex designs, overlooking the need for harmony, and deviating from your initial theme. Your stylist is there to help navigate away from these errors for a flawless aesthetic.

Should I Hire A Wedding Planner?

4.1 Advantages of Engaging a Wedding Planner:

Engaging a wedding planner brings numerous advantages, including alleviating stress, conserving time, and guaranteeing that each aspect of your wedding is managed with precision. This allows you to fully enjoy your engagement period as the planner oversees the organizational details.

4.2 Criteria for Selecting a Wedding Planner:

In the quest for a wedding planner, it’s crucial to evaluate their experience, ability to communicate effectively, and whether their personality meshes well with yours. This ensures a smooth partnership with someone who aligns with your vision and grasps your specific desires.

4.3 Guidance on Planning Schedules:

Advice on planning schedules from your wedding planner is vital to maintain momentum in your wedding preparations. They will help you establish important milestones, set deadlines, and create an organized plan, ensuring every detail of your wedding is thoughtfully arranged and accomplished.

4.4 Key Questions to Pose to a Wedding Planner:

Posing key questions about their experience, portfolio, cost structure, and how they navigate unforeseen issues is important for understanding and trusting in your wedding planner’s capabilities. These inquiries will provide insight and assurance in making an informed decision about the ideal planner for your celebration.

Find The Best Hair And Makeup Team

5.1 Choosing Your Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist:

In the process of selecting a wedding hair and makeup artist, take into account your individual style, the overarching theme of your wedding, and the nature of your skin. This is essential to ensure the artist can craft a look that not only highlights your inherent beauty but also aligns with your day’s vision.

5.2 Pre-Wedding Hair and Makeup Trials:

It’s beneficial to arrange pre-wedding trials and practice sessions with your hair and makeup artist to explore various styles. These trials serve as an opportunity to refine your look, guaranteeing that you radiate confidence and beauty on your special day.

5.3 Planning Your Wedding Day Schedule:

Coordinate the scheduling of your hair and makeup services with your artist well in advance to guarantee a smooth and unhurried wedding day. Include sufficient time for both you and your bridal party, ensuring that everyone feels and looks their utmost best at crucial moments.

5.4 Tackling Beauty Concerns:

Discuss any widespread beauty issues you may have with your hair and makeup artist, including worries about makeup lasting all day, possible allergic reactions, or particular skin problems. They are equipped to provide customized remedies to make sure you remain impeccable and at ease from start to finish.

Choosing The Right DJ / Musician

6.1 Integrating Music into Your Wedding:

Music significantly influences the atmosphere and emotional tone of your wedding. Engage in discussions with your musicians to ensure they can craft an engaging and unforgettable musical backdrop that reflects your personal music preferences.

6.2 Choosing Between a Live Band and a DJ:

Your decision to opt for a live band or a DJ should take into account your musical tastes, budget constraints, and the desired vibe for your event. A live band can dynamically interact with the audience, adjusting to the crowd’s reactions and potentially boosting the dance floor’s energy. However, incorporating both a live band for early in the evening and transitioning to a DJ for later segments can offer the best of both worlds. Avoid relying solely on a Spotify playlist managed from a guest’s phone to prevent technical glitches and ensure a professional and lively musical atmosphere throughout.


From personal observations at various weddings, steering clear of using a Spotify playlist off a guest’s phone is advisable. Technical mishaps, interruptions, and inadequate room engagement often detract from the experience. If feasible, invest in professional music services to maintain the event’s momentum and ensure an engaging ceremony and reception ambiance.

6.3 Crafting Your Ideal Playlist:

The selection of songs plays a pivotal role in customizing your wedding’s musical ambiance. Collaborate closely with your musicians or DJ to assemble a playlist that truly embodies your preferences, guaranteeing that every significant moment is enhanced by the ideal musical accompaniment.

6.4 Guaranteeing a Flawless Music Experience:

To guarantee a seamless music experience on your wedding day, ensure clear communication of the event’s schedule, any particular song requests, and crucial musical transitions with your musicians or DJ. This collaborative effort is key to achieving a cohesive and enchanting musical setting for your celebration.

Capture Precious Moments - Choosing The Right Photographer

7.1 Selecting an Experienced Wedding Photographer:

Having a good camera is just the beginning. An experienced wedding photographer plays a crucial role beyond just taking photos. They guide you through the entire wedding process, offering invaluable advice on scheduling and insider tips. Their expertise allows them to solve unforeseen issues seamlessly and capture fleeting moments, ensuring you don’t miss out on any precious memories.

7.2 Understanding the Photographer’s Style:

Investigate the photographer’s unique style and method to see if it matches the aesthetic you envision for your wedding photos. Whether their approach is editorial, journalistic, traditional, vintage, or artistic, finding a style that resonates with your desired wedding album’s look is key to narrowing down your options.

7.3 Compatibility with Your Photographer:

It’s essential to choose a photographer whose personality gels with yours, as they will be accompanying you closely on your big day. A photographer who genuinely understands and connects with you will not only make the experience more pleasant but also enhance the quality of your photographs and the memories associated with them.

7.4 Handling Photography Concerns:

Be open about any photography-related worries you might have with your photographer; chances are, they’ve addressed similar concerns before. Effective communication is vital to ensure your confidence in their ability to impeccably capture your special moments.

Getting Incredible Florals

8.1 Matching Style and Floral Design:
Select a florist whose design aesthetic and style resonate with the theme of your wedding. Examine their previous work to confirm they can produce arrangements that fit your preferred style, be it classic, rustic, bohemian, or contemporary.

8.2 Establishing a Floral Budget:
Define your budget for floral arrangements early on and have an open discussion with prospective florists about it. Being upfront about your budget helps ensure the proposals you get are within your financial range. Inquire about their pricing models and any extra charges, including for delivery and setup.

8.3 Ensuring Clear Communication:
Choosing a florist who values clear communication is crucial. Look for someone who is attentive to your ideas, provides thoughtful recommendations, and is enthusiastic about collaborating. A reliable florist will be prompt in addressing your inquiries and committed to realizing your floral aspirations.

Selecting Your Celebrant

9.1 Navigating Ceremony Legalities:

Grasping the legal requirements and formalities for your wedding ceremony is crucial. Your celebrant will assist in handling all necessary documentation to guarantee that your marriage is legally valid and complies with all legal stipulations.

9.2 Tailoring Your Ceremony:

Your celebrant is instrumental in customizing your ceremony to mirror the essence of your partnership. Work together to blend in significant elements, traditions, readings, and vows that celebrate your unique story, creating a ceremony that is distinctively yours.

9.3 Avoiding Ceremony Pitfalls:

Being aware of typical ceremony mistakes enables you and your celebrant to steer clear of common issues like timing conflicts, script inaccuracies, or audio malfunctions, facilitating a smooth and impeccable ceremony.

9.4 Selecting Your Celebrant:

Prior to committing to a celebrant, pose critical questions regarding their experience, methodology, and schedule. Asking about their ceremonial style, past experiences, and any extra services they provide will equip you with the knowledge needed to select the ideal celebrant for your day.


Wedding Invite Template (4x Templates)

Wedding Invite

Wedding Signage

WelcomeSign8cropped 1
  • Welcome Sign
  • Seating Sign
  • Table Sign
  • Name Tag
  • Menu
  • Bar Menu
  • Cards & Gifts Sign
  • Guestbook Sign

Wedding Budget Calculator

FREE TOOL - AI Wedding Budget Calculator!

Based on your total budget this tool will determine how much you should allocate to each different vendor, or what vendors you should use (based on your budget). 


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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

Simplify your to do list into bite-sized pieces!

Sunshine coast wedding videographer

once you’re engaged…

  1. Sit down with your other half and discuss your ideal wedding to make sure you’re on the same page
  2. Draw up a budget
  3. Start planning the guest list.
  4. Decide on approximate number of guests – this may impact your choice of venues
  5. Pick potential wedding dates – check with important guests to avoid clashes
  6. Research potential wedding venues and ceremony locations – if separate

12 months out

  1. Visit and book your reception venue and ceremony location
  2. Research potential wedding services and suppliers – photographer, florist, invitations, cake, décor, music, hair and makeup
  3. Consider and review wedding insurance options
  4. Decide what type of entertainment you want for ceremony, drinks reception and dancing
  5. Book photographer
  6. Book videographer
  7. Research and consider options for your venue and ceremony decor
  8. Research and consider a wedding planner or venue stylist – particularly helpful if you have to look after the venue set-up or have lots of logistics
  9. Start your wedding dress research
  10. Send Save the Date cards – important if you’re getting married abroad, or during a very busy time of year
  11. Pop the question to your wedding party
  12. Enlist any helpers/talented friends of family with aspects of the wedding (for the cake, flowers, dresses etc)
Toowoomba wedding videographer
Wedding videographer Brisbane

8-10 months out

  1. Book band and/or DJ for reception
  2. Research and reserve accommodations for guests
  3. Contact decor hire companies if you need to rent anything for ceremony/reception, such as chairs, tables, or a tent
  4. Book honeymoon – flights and accommodation
  5. Order wedding cake
  6. Book pre-marriage course, if required by your church or celebrant

6-8 Months Before the Wedding

  1. Order your wedding dress – many boutiques consider under six months a ‘rush order’ and will apply a fee
  2. Book ceremony musicians
  3. Ensure passports are in date for honeymoon, and order new ones if necessary
  4. Start planning your honeymoon – activities and excursions
  5. Start planning hen and/or stag parties – well not you, the best man/bridesmaids/pals should!
Sunshine coast wedding videographer
Pexels agung pandit wiguna

4-6 Months before the wedding

  1. Choose bridesmaids’ dresses
  2. Choose and order wedding invitations & stationery
  3. Attend pre-marriage counselling, if required for Catholic ceremonies
  4. Meet with your florist to discuss options
  5. Shop for a groom’s suit
    Rent the men’s suits
  6. Organise the legalities — in Ireland, this means giving at least 3 months notice to your registrar or priest/religious celebrant
  7. Create your wedding gift
  8. Decide on prayers, readings and music for ceremony booklets — check with your priest/registrar/celebrant
  9. Arrange travel vaccinations if necessary
  10. Organise wedding transport
  11. Start gathering addresses for guest list or set up a wedding website – create spreadsheet for RSVPs
  12. Organise a hair trial and book hairdresser
  13. Organise a makeup trial and book a makeup artist

2-3 Months Before the Wedding

  1. Send invitations to guests
    Attend dress fittings
  2. Choose and order wedding rings
  3. Organise gifts for parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen and each other
  4. Buy shoes, accessories, hair-pieces, bow ties etc – allow for longer if you’re ordering online
  5. Organise outfits for flower girls or page boys
  6. Have a menu tasting with your venue or caterer
Wedding Videographer And Photo
Mercato new orleans wedding

4 weeks before the wedding

  1. Have final wedding dress fitting
  2. Make any last-minute adjustments with suppliers
  3. Finalise details for, and order mass booklets/order of ceremony
  4. Complete any wedding DIY or craft projects
  5. Review final RSVP list and call any guests who have not yet responded

2 Weeks Before The Wedding

  1. Deliver must-have shot lists to photographer and videographer – include who should be in portraits and determine when portraits will be taken
  2. Give venue/caterer final guest head count
  3. Create your table plan
115 christ church wedding marche wedding new orleans 750x1024 1
Nottoway bridals lindsay

1 Week Before the wedding

  1. Supply wedding coordinator with a list of supplier requests such as a table for DJ or setup space needed by florist.
  2. Print place cards
  3. Call all wedding suppliers to confirm arrangements – create a timetable for your day
  4. Give ceremony and reception site managers a schedule of vendor delivery and setup times, plus contact numbers.
  5. Get manicure, massage, waxing & all your preening and prep done
  6. Do full wedding dress rehearsal from underwear to veil
  7. Pack an overnight bag for the reception
  8. Pack for the honeymoon or mini-mooon

2-3 Days Befpre The Wedding

  1. Make last-minute changes to table plan if necessary
  2. Grooms: Go for final fitting and pick up your outfit
  3. Grooms: Ask the best man to make sure all groomsmen attend fittings and pick up their outfits
  4. Confirm pick-up times with wedding car company
  5. Reconfirm final details with all vendors. Discuss any necessary last-minute substitutions
  6. Print off a sheet with the running order for the day, and the main suppliers’ contact details, give copies to your best man and maid of honour
christ church wedding marche wedding
Earth house candid wedding

The Day Before the Wedding

  1. Drop off place cards, table cards, menus, favours, table plan to reception coordinator
  2. Provide all wedding professionals with an emergency phone number to call on the day of the wedding.
  3. Sort out payment (write cheques/organise cash) for any final balances to be paid at the end of the reception.
  4. Ensure the cake is on track to be delivered to reception venue – have someone else look after this one!
  5. Rehearse ceremony with full wedding party ceremony readers your officiant at the ceremony site to rehearse and iron out details.
  6. Get a good night’s rest!

The wedding day checklist

  1. Give the gifts for your parents to the best man/bridesmaid for after the speeches
  2. Flowers delivered to where the bride is getting ready – buttonholes may need to be brought to the guys
  3. Give wedding bands to the best man to hold during the ceremony
  4. Give best man the officiant’s fee envelope, to be given after the ceremony
  5. Introduce your reception coordinator to your wedding planner (if you’re having one), or bridesmaid/best man for questions or problems during the reception.
  6. Assign a family member or attendant to be the photographer’s contact so he knows who is who.
Brisbane Wedding Videographer: Create Your Forever Film

building the perfect

Wedding Day Timeline


Planning ahead is the secret to a stress-free wedding day. To keep everything running smoothly, creating a detailed timeline for your special day is important. Don’t worry if you’re not sure how long things will take, a general rule of thumb is that ceremonies usually last between 30 minutes to an hour. Receptions usually last around four to five hours, but if you prefer a shorter or longer event, that’s totally fine too! The more detailed your plan, the better prepared you’ll be.

Sample Wedding Timeline:

This wedding plan is courtesy of Heather Allen, from Table 6 Productions.

Please note this is a typical catholic wedding timeline. If you’re having a tea ceremony or have a different type of wedding (Buddhist, Greek) this could be quite a bit different.

  • 7:15 a.m. Hair and makeup artists arrive
  • 8:00 a.m. Hair and makeup appointment begin
  • 9:00 a.m. Food and drinks delivered to wedding party
  • 10:00 a.m. Wedding dress steam and prepped/photographer arrives for getting-ready photos
  • 11:15 a.m. Wedding party finishes getting ready
  • 11:45 a.m. Bride puts on dress
  • 12:00 p.m. First look with parents
  • 12:15 p.m. Wedding party portraits
  • 12:30 p.m. Ceremony setup
  • 1:30 p.m. Pre-ceremony music begins
  • 1:15 p.m. Family photos
  • 1:30 p.m. Wedding party departs for ceremony
  • 1:35 p.m. Guests arrive at the ceremony
  • 1:50 p.m. Couple arrives with parents at the ceremony
  • 2:00 p.m. Ceremony begins
  • 3:00 p.m. Ceremony ends
  • 3:10 p.m. Transportation for guests from the ceremony to reception
  • 3:30 p.m. Couple photos at the ceremony location
  • 4:00 p.m. Cocktail hour begins
  • 5:30 p.m. Wedding Reception begins
  • 6:00 p.m. Couple introduction and first dance
  • 6:25 p.m. Parent speech
  • 6:30 p.m. Dinner first course served
  • 6:50 p.m. Best man and maid of honor speeches
  • 7:25 p.m. Dinner second course served
  • 7:45 p.m. Parent dances
  • 8:00 p.m. Dancing begins
  • 8:30 p.m. Dessert course served
  • 9:30 p.m. Cake cutting
  • 11:30 p.m. Reception ends

When creating your wedding timeline it is recommended to add time for the important details you care about so you don’t feel rushed. Keep in mind that if you have a larger family you may need to allocate longer times between events as it takes a while for people to move between places.

Wedding videographer Brisbane

Consider Unplugging

An unplugged wedding is one where the Bride and Groom request that all guests leave their cameras at home and keep their mobile phones in their pockets and purses. This is usually requested particularly for the formal part of the day, the actual wedding ceremony.
So is this a good idea?
You bet it is! An unplugged wedding is a great way to ensure that guests are actively involved and connected to your wedding ceremony and not distracted with trying to get that blurry, hail mary shot of the bride walking down the aisle.
As a professional Brisbane wedding videographer, I have seen the amount of cameras and iphones at wedding ceremonies explode! It used to be only one or two uncles with new cameras that used to roam around getting shots (and missing moments themselves). Now they are everywhere – cluttering up your ceremony photos!

Wedding Day Details

We love capturing all the little details you’ve carefully chosen to be a part of your wedding day! Once we arrive at your wedding, we need about 30 minutes to capture and style details. We recommend choosing a getting ready location filled with natural light and, if possible, please keep the space free from trash and clutter.

It would be wonderful if you could put all of your rings, jewelry, shoes, veil purse, perfume, invitations and other keepsakes together in one spot for us. Please unwrap your dress but don’t worry about styling it – we’ll hang it in a beautiful spot! 

Sunshine coast wedding videographer


Sunshine coast wedding videographer


Additional Tips


1. If you’re getting married in the summer months, a “not-so-heavy” snack or lunch time before portraits is always a good idea for you and your bridal party to avoid hungry bellies and passing out!

2. If it’s going to be hot, a cooler of cold waters and frozen washcloths can help keep a wedding party cool – especially if your men are wearing lots of layers.

3. Make sure and have your bouquet delivered in time to make an appearance for the detail shots and for your first look. Often they are delivered in water and need to be dried off before use. Having towels handy can help.

4. If you’re planning on having a first look with your bridal party or a parent, they often feel more comfortable being fully dressed in their wedding attire. 

5. If your reception is at a separate venue, add some “fluff time” so that we can run over to the venue to capture it while it’s still “untouched” by guests.

6. We always recommend the bride go into hiding 30 minutes before the ceremony at the absolute latest. Guests typically arrive early to weddings.

7. We’d love to help you plan your timeline. If you’d like our input, don’t hesitate to email or call!



Thank you so much for visiting our website and for your interest in planning your wedding.

As you search for the right vendors for your wedding, the best advice I can give you is to choose someone whose work you connect to and LOVE. If you’re looking for a videographer and you love my work, it connects to you in some way and you can imagine yourselves in my wedding films, then please contact us to check availability!

Let’s have an incredible time while documenting your most cherished memories!