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Wedding videographer is an essential part of capturing the memories and moments of a couple’s special day. With the rise of technology and social media, many couples choose to have their weddings professionally filmed to preserve these memories for a lifetime. However, one of the biggest questions couples face when it comes to wedding videography is, “how many videographers do we need?”

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the size of the wedding, the number of guests, the type of ceremony and reception, and the coverage desired. If the wedding is large with a lot of guests and events, more cameras and videographers are required to ensure every moment is captured.

For smaller weddings with only a few key moments, one videographer with a good camera may suffice. However, if the couple wants comprehensive coverage, including footage of the pre-ceremony, ceremony, and reception, it is recommended to have two videographers. Having two videographers allows for multiple shots from different angles and perspectives, providing a more comprehensive and professional look to the wedding film.

Benefit Of Having Two Videographers

Having just one videographer for a wedding can result in missed moments and memories. This is because during the wedding day, there are often multiple events happening simultaneously, such as the bride and groom preparing, the bridal party taking photos, and other events. If there’s only one videographer, they would have to choose which event to cover, meaning that the other event will not be captured on film.

For example, if the videographer is covering the bride getting ready, they will miss the groom getting ready and vice versa. Similarly, if the videographer is capturing the bridal party taking photos, they will miss the first dance or other important moments happening simultaneously. This is why it’s crucial to have at least two videographers to ensure that all important events and moments are captured on film.

Having two videographers means that the timeline can be set up in such a way that both preparations are happening at the same time, the bridal party photos are being taken at the same time, and other events from the day are happening at the same time. This ensures that all memories are captured, giving the couple a comprehensive and well-rounded wedding film that they can treasure for a lifetime.

Wedding Videographer: Ben and Sierra

Capturing The Extra Special Moments Of Your Family And Guests: Wedding Videographer

In addition to the coverage of the couple and guests, many couples also want footage of their family and friends. In these cases, two videographers can ensure that all guests are captured in the wedding films. Having two videographers also allows for one to focus on the couple while the other captures the crowd, adding depth and dimension to the final product.

The number of videographers that are needed for a wedding depends on the specific needs and desires of the couple. For comprehensive coverage and professional-looking wedding films, it is recommended to have at least two videographers. However, for smaller, more intimate weddings, one videographer may be sufficient. Regardless of the number of videographers, it is crucial to find experienced and skilled wedding videographers who can capture the magic of the day and create a beautiful wedding video that the couple will cherish forever.



I currently live in Brisbane but am able to work in places like the Gold Coast, Bryon Bay and beyond! I have been working as a videographer now for over 5 years, and I have loved every single moment of it. I currently live with my girlfriend Lia, and nothing is more exciting than capturing candid moments between awesome couples like yourself. I’m so excited you’re here and I can’t wait to hear from you.

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